Full Funnel Ads that Drive Results

Data-driven agency partner

Media Strategy

Get a custom media plan to deliver your advertising and business goals.  Give us your targets and we move mountains (and technical obstacles).

Full-Funnel Management

We’ll help you capture shoppers who are ready to buy, while boosting your brand awareness. Ensure your budget is allocated to your advertising goals. 

Goals delivered

Beat competitors with winning strategies.  We’re always adapting and changing to stay ahead of the game, utilising the best in ad technologies.

Backed by ad Tech

A digital advertising agency backed by technology that delivers award-winning ad solutions. 

Award winning

We won Google’s Shopping Innovation in 2018, Shopping Excellence in 2019 and Microsoft’s Rising Star in 2021. 

Key metrics

$28 million in Ad spend generating $328 million in revenue and 48 million clicks in last 12 months.

What we do

We work with omni channel (online and bricks and mortar) retailers to create advertising plans to meet their business goals. We then create and manage awareness, lead generation and sales campaigns through online advertising.  Our customers spend between $5,000 to $750k+ online advertising per month.  We take full responsibility for achieving your goals.

RQmedia has built a team who have considerable strengths in Google, Microsoft and Facebook/Instagram Ads.  We have many awards and case studies that demonstrate our knowledge and success.

The focus for our customers is on getting sales, then scaling revenue for omni channel retailers.  Our ads will update based on what is in stock on your website and we can move your advertising budget to what channel is performing.

We have regular meetings to ensure we are goal aligned, with a 3 hr email turnaround during business hours.



Team based Management

Account Directors – Will develop a deep understanding of your growth drivers, key success factors and business plans. RQmedia works across hundreds of customers which gives us great industry insight and experience that we can bring to your account.

Campaign execution – We will create campaigns that use “best in class” software and automation.  Our campaigns will be built to give all the major ad plaforms’ Machine Learning and Smart bidding the inputs they need to deliver an increase in revenue.  We will ensure that your entire inventory has an ad that is relevant.

Bidding strategy – We will choose the correct bidding strategy to launch new campaigns and apply the correct Smart Bidding strategy to meet goal (where possible).

Reporting – we will supply a dashboard report.  Should you have a custom report that you would like us to produce, just ask.


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