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A team of experts delivers full funnel digital advertising to grow your online & omni channel business.

We love retail;
as shoppers, as retail consultants and as advertisers, we know what ad formats work and won Google & Microsoft awards in 2018, 2019 and 2021


Why RQmedia?

We have a full range of customers, who combined have:

  • $42 million in Ad spend
  • Generating $410 million for our customers and
  • 65 million clicks in last 12 months.

    We have the ad tech and knowledge to be your media partner for business growth.

Why Partner with Us

Media Strategy

Get a custom media plan to deliver your advertising and business goals.  Give us your targets and we move mountains (and technical blockers) to deliver.


Full Funnel Management

Ensure your budget is allocated for maximum revenue while allowing for new customer acquisition.  
Start your advertising journey with customers who are looking to buy and then work towards brand awareness goals.

Goals delivered

High performance is gained through efficiency and effectiveness. To beat the competition we keep adapting and testing new channels, new strategies. Our ad tech cuts through the noise and achieves your performance goals.


Full Funnel Omni Channel Advertising for Retailers

Get buyers where-ever, how-ever, they shop.
Digital advertising is not one campaign type, it isn't one budget nor goal. To scale your business you need a balance between revenue generating campaigns and those that find new customers to grow your business. Let us customise a media plan that grows your business.

Full Funnel ads For Growth

1. Shopping Ads - Google and Microsoft

Be there when shoppers are looking for your products. We manage your Merchant Center to ensure you are setup for success. We have an exhaustive feed review process and optimisation schedule undertaken by our sister company feedops. Setting the right goal is essential and needs to be specific to your business and product margins.

2. Search - Google and Microsoft

Search is where you can expand your ecommerce business. Include your brand narrative and unique selling proposition in every Search Ad, all automatically updated with changes in your inventory. More Google “real estate” means more distribution and shelf space online. For mature advertisers we use Single Keyword Ad Group automation which is powerful combined with Machine Learning.

3. Dynamic Remarketing - Facebook, Google and Microsoft

Stay in a customer's purchase consideration set by remarketing to those who have been to your website and are getting closer to making their purchase.

When ready for prospecting- Display and YouTube

Upper funnel awareness campaigns can be used to deliver new customers. When awareness and prospecting is a separate goal to revenue, Display and YouTube channels are a solution.

The Alternative - Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads can be used as part of your business expansion strategy for upper funnel advertising and should be used for remarketing, brand reach and prospecting.

Excellent Service, helped take our business to the next level, thanks Team Dynamic 😃😃
Martin Fleming
Martin Fleming
December 10, 2020.
I have been with Dynamic Creative for a while and have loved every single part of it. Clear communication, respond fast and great results. We used to be with another company and since partnering with Dynamic Creative, we doubled our return on investment. I would definitely recommend them. Ellie
Elien Degraeve
Elien Degraeve
December 9, 2020.
We have been working with CD since March - the move worked seamlessly and results are excellent with big sales growth. I work with an Account Manager when required and that has been a great support for making decisions on the Account. We are very pleased with our move to CD.
Manta Surf Co.
Manta Surf Co.
December 8, 2020.
Lucinda has been amazing to work with. She closely monitors the account, provides updates, and optimises where necessary to achieve our set goals. Communication is clear and fast. Would highly recommend working with her and Dynamic Creative!
Georgia Gwyn
Georgia Gwyn
December 7, 2020.
I have worked with Dynamic Creative for the past 9 months and they are a wonderful team to work with!! They have a clear understanding of our goals and have helped strategize, execute, and fine tune our campaigns in effort to reach them. Always professional, always responsive and always knowledgeable.
Olivia DiCapua
Olivia DiCapua
November 9, 2020.

Dynamic Creative is a B2C Advertising platform operates both RQmedia and FeedOps.

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