Jack Link's

Leveraging influencer marketing to increase brand Awareness for Jack Link’s

Content Production

Impressive Engagement: The videos collectively received over 751k organic views and sparked over 195k interactions.

High Click-Through Rate: Garn influencer videos achieved a 2x higher click-through ratecompared to other ad content, indicating strong audience interest and engagement.
The Challenge
Jack Link’s faced the challenge of requiring authentic content that would resonate with their target audience to expand their awareness. They aimed to reach a new audience and foster a sense of community through an innovative campaign that stood out from the norm.
What we implemented

We embarked on a strategic partnership with comedy influencers, Garn Comedy. This collaboration aimed to leverage the influencers' creativity and reach, to connect with the target demographic in an engaging manner.

Garn created three hilarious videos centred around everyday life hacks. The videos cleverly incorporated Jack Link's snacks into the scenario, showcasing the product in a comedic way true to the influencer’s style. The team ensured that the content remained true to the brand’s identity while offering fresh and entertaining perspectives to resonate with the target audience.

These videos were distributed across Garn Comedy’s and Jack Link's social media platforms, leveraging the influencers' extensive reach. Additionally, the videos were integrated into Jack Link's paid advertising to maximise visibility and engagement across audiences.

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