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Tripling return on investment through an adaptable paid search initiative







The largest year ever in terms of revenue and ROAS
The Challenge
By mid 2022, travel restrictions had eased and consumers were more than ready to start booking their next holiday. The purchase journey is extensive and may span over several weeks or even months. Whilst some people will do a small amount of research (i.e. comparing prices) before booking, others have not yet considered Fiji as a travel destination.​​

The challenge for Fiji Airways and RQmedia was to encourage people to search for flights, generating valuable leads for Fiji Airways. Essentially, the aim for the campaign was to retarget these leads to stay front of mind of the customer throughout their holiday planning. This ultimately was aimed to increase the number of bookings and in turn, revenue for Fiji Airways.​
What we implemented

A combination of Google Search and Performance Max campaigns were used. The goal was to first encourage customers to search for flights on the website. This allowed us to add flight searchers as a PMax audience signal in conjunction with Google’s machine learning to identify customers who were more likely to convert. The expansive nature of PMax campaigns meant we were able to utilise a range of asset types (i.e. Image, video and text) in a multitude of placements to drive flight searches. Search ads were created to be tailored to consumer searches and closely aligned with Fiji Airways’ flight offerings.​

“The campaign achieved a significant milestone in the tourism industry, helping bring the largest influx of visitors to Fiji to date. We are ecstatic about how well we reached our customers using a segmented, full-funnel approach over Social media. With Smartly Automated Social ads and RQmedia’s expertise, we contributed to Fiji’s early national recovery strategy, well before many Asia Pacific tourist destinations.”​

Jameel Mohammed

Fiji Airway Digital Marketing Manager

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