Speedo Australia's Black Friday Cyber Monday Triumph

Performance Marketing

Here's a snapshot of the outstanding results achieved compared to the previous year's sale:


increase in conversion value




All these achievements were made while exceeding their client-specific ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) goal.
The Challenge
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pivotal moments for online retailers, marking a period of intense competition and heightened consumer interest. For Speedo Australia, this was an opportunity to meet ambitious goals and demonstrate digital marketing prowess. The focus during this crucial sales period was maximise conversions and visibility.
What we implemented

We adopted a strategic and disciplined approach to managing goals and budgets, which included:

  • Regular performance reviews at critical points throughout each day
  • Utilising seasonality adjustments to maximise exposure at peak times.
  • Careful pacing and scaling of the budget from the beginning to the end of the sale

Alignment with the Speedo team was crucial. We synchronised our spending with the most attractive offers and periods of highest conversion rates. Our promotional approach was multi-faceted, featuring:

  • Strategic use of Sitelinks and Promotion extensions
  • Effective Google Merchant Centre promotions
  • Targeted Promotional Pmax asset groups
  • Countdown timers to highlight the urgency as the sale period concluded

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Ken Kennedy

True Alliance Group Head of Digital ANZ

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