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The Challenge
Capturing the summer revenue is crucial for Victorian theme parks, as 90% of their earnings are concentrated in the three-month peak season. In Victoria's competitive landscape, where three major theme parks vie for the summer influx, it becomes imperative to make your attraction the top choice for visitors. Gumbuya World, recognizing the fierce competition, has recently invested over $20 million in two state-of-the-art thrill rides. To highlight these new additions and seize consumer interest during a period when theme parks are aggressively marketing their attractions, Gumbuya World partnered with RQmedia to launch a dynamic campaign. This initiative aims to not only raise awareness of these cutting-edge rides but also to capture the consumer’s imagination and establish Gumbuya as the go-to summer destination.
What we implemented

RQmedia and Three Scoops embarked on a new Park identity that informed the campaign. The campaign “Get a Wildlife” was created which embraced the Parks’ location in the Victorian bushland, the Park’s unique Wildlife Sanctuary and the WILD new rides. The campaign who implemented in 3 phases: Teaser, Launch and Summer. A full media strategy was created leveraging TVC, BVOD, OOH, Radio, Paid and Organic Social and eDM.

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