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Currently flying in more than 90% of all visitor arrivals to the country, helping to support tens of thousands of Fijian livelihoods within the company, at the airport, and beyond the runaway.





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The Challenge
Fiji needed to bring tourists back to the country after spending the last couple of years in lockdown. To do this Fiji Airways expanded from its current digital advertising platforms, Google and Microsoft, and started increasing its social advertising spend do further push their campaigns to heights never experienced.

RQ Media was tasked to leverage social media to increase the number of bookings and in turn, revenue for Fiji Airways. The campaign was run from 1 October 2022 to 31 Deember 2022 with a budget of US$250,000.
What we implemented
Facebook & Instagram were chosen as the primary channels to reach new people. Whilst Meta is great at driving awareness and interest, many customers complete their purchase through other channels such as Google Search and Organic. Therefore, to capture the full customer journey, Google and Microsoft Ads were used in conjunction with Meta to ensur that Fiji Airwats was capturing the audience at every point of the purchase journey.

The campaign achieved a significant milestone in the tourism industry, helping bring the largest influx of visitors to Fiji to date. We are ecstatic about how well we reached our customers using a segmented, full-funnel approach over Social media. With Smartly Automated Social ads and RQ Media’s expertise, we contributed to Fiji’s early national recovery strategy, well before many Asia Pacific tourist destinations.”

Jameel Mohammed

Fiji Airway Digital Marketing Manager

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