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Performance Marketing

Ready to grow? Elevate your ecommerce with RQmedia

RQmedia is a specialist in ecommerce and omnichannel performance marketing. Our mission is to help brands grow. With our relentless and methodical approach, every strategy and campaign is optimized to meet and exceed your goals.

By choosing RQMedia, you're partnering with an expert, award-winning team committed to your success. We're here to deliver tangible results — from boosting traffic and conversion rates to achieving outstanding Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Our capabilities include cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and product feed optimization to deliver more for your media spend.

Our track record speaks for itself; we've catapulted brands from modest beginnings to millions in monthly revenue, consistently delivering an average 10x ROAS.

RQMedia is more than just a service provider; we're your expert ally in navigating the complexity of digital media, ensuring every step leads to better performance and growth.

Building and growing your databaase

RQMedia propels ecommerce and consumer brands in building and expanding effective email marketing lists. We employ personalized incentives, compelling content and seamless integration to diversify and enhance lists strategically. We excel in advanced analytics identifying high-performing segments and allowing businesses to tailor content for maximum impact. 

List management services

Here are three key areas of focus in relation to your database:
Customer segmentation
Customer segmentation is paramount in email marketing, and RQMedia excels in its implementation for precise targeting and enhanced results. By categorizing subscribers based on behaviour, preferences, and demographics, RQMedia tailors content to specific segments. This targeted approach extends to email design, ensuring that visuals and messaging resonate effectively with each group. This not only maximizes engagement but also drives conversions by delivering personalized, relevant content.
Subscriber growth strategies
RQMedia’s subscriber growth service employs innovative and proven methods to enhance your strategy, with a key focus on optimizing email lists for marketing. And whilst you’re at it, explore how automated flows are effective and why managing an email list is important. By centralizing efforts around strategic email lists, RQMedia ensures targeted and efficient subscriber growth.
List cleaning
Maintaining clean email marketing lists is pivotal for optimal engagement rates, ensuring that marketing efforts reach an interested audience. RQMedia recognizes this importance and prioritizes list hygiene for email newsletters to enhance deliverability and engagement.

What our clients say about us

We've been very happy with everything Rahi and the RQMedia and team have done. Our email revenue has increased by 500% within the first 30 days of starting with them and has improved further from them. We are now looking at them handling our other brands for all our email marketing. Highly recommend using for email marketing!

Kerry Scotney

Head of Digital NoniB Group

We are seeing a 78x ROI on our Klaviyo email campaigns thanks to RQMedia. Not much more to say. Work with them.


Vice President

The RQMedia team successfully helped us migrate into Klaviyo, set everything up and hit very aggressive targets for our yearly digital strategy. Email is now delivering just over 30% of total site revenue which is fantastic.

Zuzanna Martin

Head of eComm

Hi Daniel, I like your first campaign design. Very nice. We are looking forward to a strong holiday season with you and the team. Glad we finally started getting some professionals to handle our email marketing.

Sarah Lin

Baldr Electronics

The team at RQMedia went above and beyond to provide us with excellent service.  

The communication, graphic design, and development work were all top notch.  

They have top expertise in email marketing strategy and tactics.  I highly recommend working with them.

Andrew Watts

Founder of Severn River Publishing

I just learned about RQMedia this morning and now they have a new client. I'm excited by their offering. Well done!

Wilson Michaels


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