Why Advertise On YouTube? To Improve Sales – A Case Study


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If you are already advertising on Google Search and Shopping, the low return of video campaigns might not seem worth it. So why advertise on YouTube? This case study will look at the results of a six week YouTube campaign, and demonstrate why YouTube is effective at driving traffic and sales.

Why Advertise On Youtube?

Unlike Search or Shopping, Advertising on YouTube targets people who may be in market for your products, but not actively searching for them. Because of this, Video ads are the most effective method when it comes to reach and generating interest. This is what is often described as upper funnel advertising.  read more about the advertising funnel here

Although YouTube might be less effective at driving revenue than search or shopping, it often contributes in other ways to the overall success of your advertising. In order to quantify these effects, we did a case study on a six-week YouTube campaign for a retailer.

The Premise

In order to capture new audiences during the busy Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Boxing Day period, this retailer ran a YouTube campaign. Specifically, a single product group was advertised on YouTube for a period of six weeks.

The goals of this campaign were to generate awareness of the product, and to increase traffic to their site.

The Results


Over the course of the campaign the video accumulated 318,000 views. The campaign did convert, although at a much lower ROAS than their Shopping campaigns.

Throughout this period the advertised product was also active in a Shopping campaign, where it saw an uplift in clicks of 165%, and a 70% increase in ROAS.  Furthermore, products in the same category also saw a similar uplift during this period.

These results show that advertising on YouTube  increases traffic and sales for the product when combined with lower funnel Shopping campaigns.

The Takeaway

Consider YouTube as a channel to reach more people who are interested in your product/s, increase brand awareness and also contribute to increasing sales in lower funnel campaigns.  This is a win-win-win ad format that helps businesses grow.

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