RQmedia Now Offers An Intro To Facebook With Dynamic Remarketing And Prospecting

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Facebook Remarketing and Prospecting Ads are a great addition to your current advertising campaigns, whether that be across other platforms such as Google or Microsoft. Similar to Dynamic Remarketing in Google, Facebook Dynamic Remarketing ads serve to customers who have visited your website and engaged with your products. Therefore, Facebook Dynamic Remarketing ads target shoppers based on their specific consumer behaviour.

What are Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Remarketing  (also known as Dynamic Ads) is similar to Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads. It is a Catalogue based product ads within Instagram and Facebook feed and Storie, promoting your product inventory to users who have been on your website previously, across the Facebook network. The goal of Facebook Dynamic Remarketing is to drive sales, therefore, focus metrics should consist of ROAS, purchases, revenue and frequency.

What do Facebook Dynamic Ads look like?

Facebook Dynamic Ads look exactly the same as other Facebook ad types such as single image ads, carousel ads or collection ads. You can add a description, pricing, call to actions, product title and much more. Below are some examples of what they may look like across Instagram and Facebook.

The difference between Dynamic Ads and stock-standard ads lies in its template. Instead  of  creating an ad for all the website items you want to promote,  Dynamic Ads allows you to create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your catalogue (product feed).

Facebook Dynamic Remarketing

How does targeting work with Dynamic Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Remarketing works by retargeting customers who have taken action on your website previously. The ads then show relevant products from your catalogue/product feed to these users. These ads will appear when they use  Facebook or Instagram. For example, a customer who  has browsed products on your website may be shown these exact products in the ad.

 Audiences to target with Dynamic Ads:

  • Users who have been on your website in the last 30 days
  • Customers who have added items to their cart but have not yet  purchased
  • Users who have viewed products on your website

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Remarketing

  • Facebook Dynamic Remarketing allows you to reach more shoppers on another platform, as customers are not only in Google.
  • Your products and brands are kept in the forefront of customers’ purchase consideration, as these ads show customers the products that are tailored to their interest while they surf the net. They are reminded to buy the items they recently viewed.
  • Reach people on mobiles, tablets and desktops across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Templated ads means you can scale. Facebook Dynamic Ads allow you to promote all your products in your catalogue without having to configure each individual ad.

Dynamic Prospecting 

Dynamic Prospecting is very similar to dynamic remarketing; it looks the same, using product inventory in the ad. However, the difference is who dynamic prospecting targets. Instead of targeting past website visitors, the focus is showing ads to a new audience to look for new customers. 

Finding new customers is essential to growing your business, however, also be aware that prospecting campaigns can spend your budget quickly and not deliver results. That is where we can add our expertise to ensure this is a sustainable ad format to grow your business.

Audiences to target with Dynamic Prospecting:

  • Lookalike audiences based on your  website convertors. For example, targeting customers who have shown similar buying behaviours to those who previously purchased on your website. 
  • Find customers who have shown interests, including brands, product type and lifestyle. 

Ending notes

Dynamic Remarketing is a great way to kick start your paid advertisement journey on Facebook. The strategy shows the right product level ad to relevant customers. This increases the chance of purchase. If you want to learn more about dynamic remarketing or prospecting for Facebook, or other ad types, please contact one of us. 

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