New Ad Campaign Structures For Flights [Ad Platform Update]

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January 14th 2020. The latest release for the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform gives us the ability to create new and improved standardised Google Ads campaign structures for Flights. Dynamic Creative has released a ‘Flights vertical scheme’, allowing for the creation of new flight and travel ad campaigns directly within our platform. 

New Ad Campaign Structures For Flights

The features of the scheme include separate exact and broad match keyword campaigns for Google Search campaigns. Splitting the keyword types will allow us to create exact match single keyword ad groups for performing search terms and prospect for new search terms in a more manageable way. This will improve ad relevance, reducing costs and improving returns for our customers. 

A new feature available in this release is the ability to create multiple different ads in multiple ad formats based on the same feed. Advertisers will be able to use their flights feed to create multiple text ads, responsive search ads and responsive display ads, for each route, within the Dynamic Creative Platform.

Alongside this, there will be improvements to the way we work with the geographical nature of the campaigns. Flight campaigns require detailed location targeting to get the best results, our campaigns are now optimally structured for this method of targeting. Part of the structure changes include multiple campaigns at every geographical level. We will have point to point and destination only keyword campaigns for all countries, states, cities and airports available in a given feed. This will give the advertiser full coverage and the best opportunity to deliver the most relevant ad to a specific user for every search.

We’re always looking to improve the way our customers advertise and the goal of this release is to make advertising flights as effective and efficient as possible. The release will create more relevant ads that are optimised and structured to take advantage of Google’s Smart bidding.

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