How To Get More Customers With Google Ads

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If you are looking to grow your business you should be aiming to get more customers through your online channel. More customers can lead to more sales and higher revenue for your business. Google Ads is considered the de facto leader in online advertising for a reason! It can provide you with a channel to get more customers to purchase your products and services. You can then work to turn these new customers into brand advocates with a high lifetime value.

When a potential customer is searching for a product or service, they are highly likely to search through Google as a part of the researching journey. Therefore, using Google Ads, can put your business at the forefront of relevant searches and ultimately increase your sales and customers.

Here are a few ways you can get more customers with Google Ads:

1. Get Noticed

Creating a website and waiting for the organic traffic to appear can be time consuming and inefficient. Creating Google Ads can place your brand in front of potential customers who are actively searching for your product. Optimising your website for organic searches is important, but a long term process. Creating Google Ads will help get you more customers quickly.

2. New Marketing Goals

Google Ads allows you to optimise your campaigns for different business goals you might have. Whilst your Google Ads will show online, you are able to track different actions, some of which may occur offline. Google Ads allows you to take advantage of different ad formats and features which will align with a number of different advertising goals. Some advertising goals which may be relevant to you include:

  • Online purchases
  • Visits to your store
  • Phone calls to your business
  • Installs of your app

For example, if you were a bathroom renovation specialist, you may want to drive visits to your showroom. Google Ads can ensure that your branded ads are served to someone searching bathroom renovations near me. This could then be translated into a showroom visit, and potentially a new customer.

3. Additional Audiences

Google gives you access to some powerful tools which can build upon your current audiences. Understanding not only the demographics of your customers but also their purchasing behaviours will allow you to target alike users.

Google Ads also allows you to create look-a-like and similar audiences to prospect to. Google can create lists of people who are ‘similar’ to those who have already interacted with your website. They look at the recent search activity of the visitors to your website and find common search behaviour. Google then automatically finds new people whose behaviour is similar.

Let’s say you have a remarketing list for people who have bought tulips from you. Similar audiences will realise that people on this list usually searched for ‘online tulip delivery’ before making a purchase. Based on this, similar audiences will find other people with similar search behaviour.

These lists are automatically updated as people’s search activity changes. Therefore, there is no need to update this list once it has been created. This is an easy way of getting more customers with Google Ads.

4. Increase Reach

Different ad formats have different benefits for helping you get more customers. Google Smart Shopping campaigns for example, combines standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns to deliver your ads across Google’s entire suite of networks.

You can reach relevant and valuable potential customers while they’re perusing content across, the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube,
and Gmail.

Specifically, Google’s Display Network offers advertisers the opportunity to present visual Google Ads such as banners. This network has a huge reach, making it an excellent choice for advertisers who want to achieve traffic based goals, such as raising brand awareness.

5. Access To Competitors To Get More Customers

Another factor which may help you get more customers with Google Ads is being able to compete directly with your competitors. You may want to try targeting ads to branded keywords of your popular competitors. Competitor campaigns can be run in addition to focusing on industry keywords. By putting your ads in front of people conducting research through your competitors you may give yourself the opportunity to attract additional customers.

It is important to note this practice can be expensive and we would really recommend giving this option quite a lot of thought. After all, there is a reason we recommend getting a Google Ads professional to look after your online advertising!

You are provided with unparalleled opportunities to get more customers with Google Ads. Not only can you expand the reach of your advertising but also your brand awareness in the market. Utilising Google’s numerous networks and specific targeting options will ensure you are reaching the right audience to get more customers.

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