How To Create The Ultimate Landing Page Experience

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Your landing page is the URL people land on after they click your ad. Google analyses this page through automated and human processes. Google Ads then uses landing page experience as a measure to let you know how well your website gives people what they are looking for after they click an ad. So, there are many benefits of having the ultimate landing page experience, and this blog will provide useful pointers on how to create this.

This measure of ‘experience’ affects your ad rank and therefore the cost per click (CPC) you pay in the ad auction. This means your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they direct to landing pages that offer a poor user experience.

Landing page experience is also one of the three factors that make up your quality score. Along with expected click through rate and ad relevance, Google considers your landing page experience to give your quality score. Quality score intends to give you a general understanding of the quality of your ads.

You can find out how your landing page experience ranks by logging into your Google Ads account, clicking keywords then adding a column for ‘landing page exp’.

If you are seeing average and below average in these fields, you should want to create the ultimate landing page experience for your customers! You can easily improve your landing page experience by following the below pointers.

The Ultimate Landing Page Experience Needs… Relevant, Useful and Original Content


It is important to ensure that the landing page of your ad is directly relevant to the text contained in your ad and the keyword.

An easy way to do this is to make sure you are being specific when a user is showing interest in a particular thing but also be general when the user wants options.

For example; if someone is looking for a ‘Miele rangehood’ they probably don’t want to be taken to a page containing all types of ovens from different brands. Instead, a good landing page experience would be to take them to a page selling your range of Miele rangehoods. Again, if someone is searching to compare types of vacuum cleaners they probably don’t want to be taken to a specific models landing page.


You should try to include useful information on your landing page about whatever you are advertising. Let’s say your ad is for a specific running shoe, such as the ‘Asics Gel Nimbus 22′ (see below).

Asics Search Ad
The landing page should include useful information about that product. This could be the colours available, prices and whether they are on sale. See the corresponding landing page below.
Sportitude Landing Page


You can create the ultimate landing page experience by ensuring your page contains content that is unique to your site. This could be special offers or useful features which your competitors do not offer.

In the running shoe example above the offers at the top of the landing page could be unique to this website.

Original Offers

If a competitor does not offer free shipping or $10 off orders with a newsletter sign up these are unique features which would improve a users landing page experience.

The Ultimate Landing Page Experience Needs…Transparency

Users value transparency when it comes to advertising. You should aim to openly share information about your business and include, what exactly your business does.

This could also include explaining what you are selling to the user before you ask them to fill out forms or input their information. If your call to action is, ‘Sign Up Now’ they should know exactly what they are signing up for.

Have an easy to find ‘Contact Us’ link on landing pages so visitors can easily find your information. Also, if you are requesting personal information from your customers make sure you are clear in explaining what you will be doing with it. This transparency fosters trustworthiness for your website.

The Ultimate Landing Page Experience Needs…Ease of Navigation

If you organise and design your landing pages well your customers will not have to hunt around trying to find the information they require. So therefore, are less likely to ‘bounce’ off the page.

Ensuring the content ‘above the fold’ is prioritised and contains information the user requires will increase their experience on the landing page. No one wants to be continually scrolling to find the price or size of a product.

Another tip is to make it quick and easy for someone to order the product mentioned in your ad. This could be a shortcut to add to cart on a category landing page.

Buy Now Button

Try to minimise the amount of pop-ups you put in front of the user. These can be annoying and hinder the navigation of your site. If a pop-up blocks information that a user is trying to locate your landing page experience will definitely suffer.

The Ultimate Landing Page Experience Needs… Quick Loading Times

Whether they are searching on a desktop or mobile device users will want your landing pages to load quickly. So make sure your landing page loads quickly once someone has clicked on your ad.

There are tools you can use to test your site speed for mobile. These can help identify whether this may be an issue for your landing page experience.

Mobile Site Speed Tool


When your landing page experience hits the mark with your users you should see your quality score increase. Creating the ultimate landing page experience is one step closer to effective and efficient online advertising.

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