Growing Ethical, Sustainable Business: A Zero Waste Hero

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“Since we started with Dynamic Creative, we were able to turn our start up into a profitable business and grow it. Their customer service is outstanding and I love their personal approach.” – Ellie Degraeve (Owner)

Go For Zero are an Australian born, Queensland based, small business start-up, fronted by Ellie Degraeve. Ellie created the business aiming to provide ethically minded Australians with toxin, cruelty and plastic free products.

Go For Zero came to Dynamic Creative just under a year ago with the goal to not only grow their online sales, but also increase awareness of their brand and sustainable products.

Over the past year a rise in website traffic has resulted in significant growth of online revenue as well as an increased awareness of Ellie and the team’s beautiful, zero-plastic, toxin free products. When comparing June 2019 (the month before coming onboard with Dynamic Creative) with April 2020 Go For Zero have seen:

  • Online Sales Increase 2300%
  • Online Revenue Increase 2050%
  • Online Website Visitors Increase 670%

Through the COVID-19 period, demand for products such as those Go For Zero offer soared. We were able to capture this traffic by serving appropriate ads at the right time to the right people. This resulted in excellent results for Go For Zero.

Current Approach

Dynamic Creative’s approach to managing Go For Zero’s Google advertising has two core principles, which we aim to achieve across all accounts. We have continually optimised the Go For Zero campaigns over the past year with these two principles in mind.

Flexible Budgets

Go For Zero’s success is in part reliant on their ability to be flexible with their Google Ads budgets based on the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs).

On the recommendation of Dynamic Creative, Go For Zero were more than happy to incrementally scale their Google media spend whilst they were seeing positive results. This has meant since launching in mid 2019 we have been able to scale media spend to increase 180%.

This increase in their daily spend has resulted in a 6000% increase in monthly revenue from Google Ads when comparing July 2019 (their first month with us) to April 2020.

Correctly Aligned Goals

It has also been critical to Go For Zero’s success that Dynamic Creative have understood and optimised campaigns towards an appropriate Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) goal.

Upon launching the campaigns we took the approach to benchmark a ROAS. This meant allowing data to accumulate before fully utilising Google’s Machine Learning to optimise the campaigns to a set ROAS target.

Through benchmarking the campaigns delivered around a 300% ROAS. After discussions with Ellie and the team, it was clear the campaigns needed to deliver around a 500-600% ROAS for the account to generate real profit for the company.

After this discussion we began optimising the campaigns towards a minimum 500% ROAS goal. This was achieved within a month. We now operate the account by incrementally increasing the daily budget as we are achieving the desired ROAS.

Prioritisation of Smart Shopping

Another decision aimed to maximise revenue for Go For Zero was to prioritise the advertising of certain brands they stock. In practice this meant splitting out the Smart Shopping campaign into two.

We are often asked when it is a good idea to run multiple Smart Shopping campaigns in an account. Whilst there are a few reasons to do this, one of the most commonly found is due to differing profit margins on products.

Some brands Go For Zero stocked we wanted to place a ‘focus’ on as they delivered a higher margin. Because of this, we created two campaigns, one containing focus brands and the other containing ‘everything else’. This allowed us to set two separate ROAS goals, meaning products which deliver a higher profit margin can be in a campaign optimising towards a lower ROAS. Effectively, this increases revenue for Go For Zero.

Where to Now?

Due to the successes we have seen in running Google Smart Shopping along with branded Google Search Campaigns we are expanding the Go For Zero Google Ads account.

We are introducing long tail, Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). This expansion into non-branded search campaigns should increase traffic to the website. Introducing SKAGs will also expand Go For Zero’s reach when it comes to the search terms they are matching for.

When looking at Go For Zero the results speak for themselves, we have been able to achieve revenue growth by increasing budgets based on demand and strong results. The flexibility taken in our method of account management has resulted in more visibility on Google, an increased brand awareness as well as considerable growth in revenue. All of which has resulted in a happy client, who has gone on to recommend our services to other businesses she is connected with.

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