Google Machine Learning: How Has It Changed The Digital Marketing Industry?

Google Machine Learning In Google Ads

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Over recent years, Google Machine Learning has significantly transformed to automate many tedious and manual processes that inhibit growth. How has Google been able to automate these processes for its users? This is all thanks to Google’s AI

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning has been a major game changer in how Google has been able to stay ahead of its competitors and continuously win over businesses to advertise on their site. With the help of AI and machine learning, Google Ads is able to provide insightful forecasts and make accurate decisions based on a user’s historical data and create predictive scenarios based on the changing environments and markets.

Google machine learning has not only proven effective at automating bidding to reach target audiences at the most ideal time and place, but has now unveiled a new potential to automatically allocate optimal spend to a business’ top brands. Machine learning is now able to educate itself over time on which brands show best performance and in turn, allocate more spend to maximise total revenue.

How We Know It Works

When an Australian hardware retailer wanted to determine if Google was allocating enough spend to its top performing brands, they were glad to find Google had automatically allocated majority of their budget accordingly to support their top 10 brands. Google had learnt to recognise the best performing brands by performance and allocated spend accordingly. This in turn generated the majority of total revenue in the retailer’s Google Ads account. This trend goes across various industries. For example, Google Ads allocated majority of spend to the top 10 performing brands for an electronics retailer that produced the most revenue.

In Summary…

While this may seem like an obvious trend to many individuals, it is comforting to be able to confirm that Google machine learning is truly living up to its function and ability. It truly highlights the powerful role machine learning plays in managing the daily functions of every account it holds.

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