Google Advertising During COVID-19

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If you own or run a retail business you may be looking for options on how to maintain sales and market share during this period of uncertainty. Creating, maintaining and optimising Google Advertising during COVID-19 may just be the answer you are looking for…

Create Google Advertising During COVID-19

Whilst traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retail may struggle during COVID-19, now is the time to start selling your products online. Google Advertising during COVID-19, can provide an opportunity to diversify your revenue flow away from in store purchases to online. As your customers may be less inclined to purchase through in store retail, they are likely spending more time online. If you have not before, you will need to set up a Google Merchant Centre.

Reassess Your…

Budget For Google Advertising During COVID-19

It is important to look at your budgets with a flexible approach regardless of changes in the market. However, if there has been a change in the market, being flexible with your budget is more important than ever. If COVID-19 has negatively impacted your account’s performance you may want to look at lowering your spend in Google Ads. Be sure to look at the impact across all sources of revenue to not miss any data. However, this approach may curb your loss in performance.

Should I Increase My Budget?

If you are seeing positive performance from your Google Advertising during COVID-19, now is a great time to capitalise on this and perhaps push your budgets further than you had originally planned. If COVID-19 has caused traffic or demand for what you sell to increase, you want to ensure your ads are showing as much as possible when people are searching for these goods and services. Increasing your Google Advertising spend during COVID-19 could help with this. A good way to look at traffic increases is through pre conversion metrics such as impressions and clicks.

Clicks & Impressions Increasing

If these metrics are rising in line with your revenue or return on ad spend (ROAS), now may be a good time to increase your budget.

Also, if your campaigns are optimising towards a Smart Bidding Strategy, Google will let you know when your budget is capped and the campaigns could spend more. This is an easy way to assess if you’re hitting your goal and should spend more. An example of what this looks like is shown below:

Campaign Limited By Budget

If you are seeing this status next to your campaigns, you should definitely consider uncapping those budgets!

Creatives For Google Advertising During COVID-19

Google Advertising during COVID-19 may require you to complete an audit of the creatives you are running. Creatives should be sensitive to current circumstances and promote your services in light of the change in climate. It would be beneficial to include in your advertising, if you offer ‘click and collect’, free delivery or an extended returns policy. Including these offers in your ads will keep users interested in what you are offering. See the below example for a florist:

Flower Shop Search Ad Example

Considering the current climate be careful about using messaging that promotes physical social interaction. Try not to use imaging containing large groups of people. Consider the tone of your headlines, descriptions, and landing pages.

Goals For Google Advertising During COVID-19

When utilising Google Advertising during COVID-19 it may be useful to break out your goals into short and long term. In the short term you can look at things that are directly affecting your business right now. The question becomes, should you change your Google Advertising goals during COVID-19 to see you through this immediate period?

If you are a retailer who has seen a downturn in foot traffic in your ‘bricks and mortar store’ and is optimising towards in store traffic, it may be a good idea to reconsider what conversions your campaigns are optimising towards. Perhaps, for the short term you should change your campaigns to optimise towards phone calls or even online sales. It is important to remember there are options when it comes to what and how Google Ads tracks website conversions. These conversion actions may be more appropriate for Google Advertising during COVID-19. You can see if there are other conversion actions set up in your account by going to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions.

Conversion In Google Ads

Understand Your Recent Performance For Google Advertising During COVID-19

Whilst the current climate can be confusing it is important you are understanding your accounts performance. This means reviewing your Google Advertising during COVID-19 in relation to your businesses goals. If you believe your performance has dropped there are a few things you may want to look into.

Make sure you are reviewing your Search Term Report regularly. This will help you enact negative keywords to steer your advertising clear from irrelevant or panicked searchers. You can check your search terms in Google Ads by going to Keywords > Search Terms.

Google Ads gives you access to many ‘planning tools’. These tools aim to assist you with finding new keywords, general account performance as well as understanding traffic trends. Go ahead and utilise the tools provided, especially when assessing your Google Advertising during COVID-19.

Most importantly, during COVID-19 be reactive to the market. Google Advertising can still be an efficient way to increase your revenue. Assess your performance and look at online retail as an option to substitute or ‘pick up the downfall’ of traditional retail.

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