E-Commerce SEO Or Organic Results Better than Expected?

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As you may have heard, this month in Australia, Google released free listings on the Google Shopping Tab. These “E-Commerce SEO” free listings are available to all e-commerce retailers who are eligible to appear in these results at no cost to them. Do note, however, that paid ads will continue to show on the main search page and on the Shopping tab above the free listings.

As a result of this release, you may have noticed that your SEO or organic channel performance has increased, whether that’s clicks, transactions or revenue. This increase in performance may be due to free clicks from the Shopping tab. These free clicks would not be possible without a Google Shopping feed which is connected and managed in your Google Merchant Center.

What do free clicks look like in the shopping tab?

Here is an example of paid shopping ads vs. free shopping ads.

SEO Google Shopping Free Clicks

As you can see, the top section of the Google Shopping tab is reserved for paid Shopping ads. You will only show here if you are running Google Shopping Ads through Google Ads (PPC/paid advertising).

Below the paid shopping ads are the free ads on the Shopping tab. For clients and retailers who are already existing Merchant Center users and running Google Shopping (paid clicks) and if you’ve already opted into surfaces across Google programs (done through Google Merchant Center), you will be eligible to show for free clicks.

Reporting on E-Commerce SEO Google Shopping Free Clicks

You can view how many free clicks you are receiving in the Google Merchant center.
To do this, log into Google Merchant Center > Overview > and scroll down until you see the following:

SEO Google Shopping Free Clicks

As you can see, free clicks are reported on the right side. For this client, they have consistently achieved over 400 free clicks over the last few days!

If you use Google Analytics for reporting, these free clicks will be attributed under ‘google/organic’ not ‘google/cpc’ or ‘paid search”.

Optimising “SEO Google Shopping Feed”

Optimising free clicks on the Shopping tab is not the same as making optimisations to your website to improve your SEO. Instead, it is about ensuring that your Google Shopping feed is up to date with your inventory, has all the relevant information (product title, description, product attributes etc) and managing your disapprovals.

In summary…

As mentioned, for current advertisers running Google Shopping, it means paid campaigns can now be augmented with free listings. Existing users of Merchant Center and Shopping ads don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the free listings.

For those looking to get started, Google has named Dynamic Creative as a key partner in helping merchants manage their products and inventory. We will help you connect your eCommerce store to Google Merchant Center and get free exposure to millions of people who go to the Google Shopping tab every day – no coding required.

Get started here or reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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