Digital Marketing Experts

Premium service

It takes a team to master digital media. At RQmedia, we use our combined strengths to provide our premium service.  Let Narelle and the digital marketing team create and execute an award winning media strategy.

Multidisciplinary Team

We're smart

We understand advertising technology and how it can work for you . We’ll be there to help you perfect your media platforms, budget, channels and goals.

We're dynamic

You’ll be working with our group of multi-disciplined and energetic staff who are responsive and reliable. We work at a fast pace, using management and digital strategies to match the ever-changing digital industry.

We're committed

We want to see your business thrive. Our team doesn’t underestimate the underlying complexities of the online world. We’re determined to meet every challenge head-on while helping you meet your goals. Your success is our success.

Leadership Team

Dr. Narelle Hutchesson

Managing Director

Frank Grasso

Non Executive Chairman

Oliver Whelan

Account Director

Morgan Schulz

Account Director

Team Based Management

The leadership team has over 65 years digital, business and marketing experience.  Narelle has a passion for retail and data-driven consumer behaviour insights; Frank is one of the first people to build know-how and technical excellence in Digital Advertising; Oliver brings depth and technical knowledge in Google and Facebook advertising from both agency and client side and Morgan has done over five years managing and growing a wide portfolio of customers’ businesses through digital advertising.

Your RQmedia Account Director will develop a deep understanding of your growth drivers, key success factors and business plans. RQmedia works across hundreds of customers which gives us great industry insight and experience that we can bring to your account.

Campaigns will be created and executed with “best in class” software and automation.  The campaigns will be built to give all the major ad plaforms’ Machine Learning the inputs they need to deliver an increase in revenue.  RQmedia ensures that your entire inventory has an ad that is relevant and matches to what people are looking for.

Budgets will be allocated to the best performing media channel and we make recommendations to expand your advertising based on your company goals.

Transparency in all we do is a key to our success and we will supply a dashboard report and access to your Monday board.  Should you have a custom report that you would like us to produce, just ask.