Advertise In Google And Help Your Organic Traffic

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At Dynamic Creative we are often asked by our customers about paid versus organic traffic and how to measure these sources. People sometimes refer to these avenues as if they are in competition with each other! However, we much prefer to discuss these sources using an overarching strategy, where they work together to improve your traffic and revenue. See below for some reasons why you should be utilising both organic and paid sources in your online strategy. As well as, some tips on how to advertise in Google and help your organic traffic.

Get Results Quicker

SEO or organic traffic can take months or even years to rank in the top searches on Google. If your website or brand is not well known you may also find organic traffic only ‘trickles’ in. Advertising in Google Ads can put your brand out there and deliver results right now. If needed, you could set up a campaign in Google Ads enable it and start driving users to your website in a single day. However, creating effective SEO results is a much longer term project.

We have seen instances of retailers who come to us and have conducted no Google advertising previously. Upon launching Google Advertising their organic traffic has also risen. With Google Advertising you can serve your highly relevant ads to users who are showing intent for your products. After being introduced to your website through this avenue those users may return organically. Further, searchers who have previously been exposed to your brand are more likely to click and convert down the track.

Advertise In Google And Help Your Organic Traffic By Sharing Learnings

Sharing data from Google advertising to your organic efforts is a great way to leverage your results. You could even use the data from your Google advertising to refine your existing organic strategy.

For example, you can use the data from your Google advertising to analyse which search terms drive most of your conversions. This approach is much more time effective as opposed to a set and check method across SEO. By analysing this data you can see exactly what terms will lead traffic to sales and optimise your website to include these. You can easily find this information by accessing a search term report in Google Ads. Your search term report is found by selecting keywords > search terms in the Google Ads interface.

Remarketing Opportunities

You can learn a great deal about your potential customers through Google advertising and analysing your remarketing audiences. You can assess users “affinities” (long term interests) and what they are “in-market for” (what they are in the market to buy). These insights could help you refine specific content and and keywords that should be used in your SEO approach to help with your organic traffic. You can access this information by selecting Tools & Settings > Shared Library > Audience Manager > Audience Insights. See below image:

Organic traffic gives you another avenue to capture previous non-converting search traffic. In most online sales there is a path which the user takes before they convert. This may involve interacting with Google Advertising and or Organic listings before converting. By advertising in Google you can help your organic traffic through brand recall as well. Serving Google Advertising to a user whilst they are searching, may result in that user recalling your brand and searching for it. They could then, reenter your website through organic traffic.

Advertising In Google Can Help Your Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your CTR is the percentage of people who have clicked on your ad, out of those who have seen it. An ad’s CTR and Expected Click-Through Rate are great metrics and can be a very useful tool. As a general rule a high CTR is an indicator of a well written ad. This is because a lot of people who have been served the ad have been engaged enough to click on it.

By transferring your high CTR ads and terms in your Google Advertising to your organic search snippets you can increase your organic search CTR and bring more traffic to your website. You may want to take a look in your Google Ads account and see if you can find any patterns or trends when it comes to high CTR ads and keywords. If you can’t find any trends straight away you could use your Google Advertising to do some testing.

Increase Your Realestate

By providing paid results as well as organic listings, your brand takes up more room on the page. When you have extra presence you are given the opportunity to hide competitors and highlight your brand. It is important when optimising both Google Advertising and organic listings, to keep language consistent. This way, users searching will be able to recognise you across both channels. The below image shows an organic listing working with Google Advertising.


Advertising in Google can significantly help your organic traffic. You can increase your presence and visibility, but also share learnings. Understanding how both sources interact will help you integrate your individual strategies to a singular online marketing strategy. Building stronger campaigns across Google Advertising and optimising your SEO will drive higher levels of relevant traffic to your website. The key is to ensure these sources are working together to achieve online success.

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