9 Reasons Why You Need A Google Ads Professional

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In today’s world, people can easily and quickly become an ‘expert’ at anything after a few Google searches or YouTube videos. However, here are 9 reasons why you need a Google Ads professional to run you Google Ads campaigns.

1. Google is constantly changing

Google has over 120,000 employees, from the most recent estimates, with 40% of those being software engineers. That’s almost 50 thousand software engineers working on updates to Google. Are you keeping up with all of them?

Not only are Google coming up with new products and features, they are also making improvements to their existing product.. If you are not in the interfaces on a daily basis or are not aware of these changes then you are likely to get lost.

A Google Ads professional can help you keep up with these changes. They work with Google on a daily basis and are the first ones to know when something changes. They can make sure you don’t miss out on new features from Google that could benefit your business. Dynamic Creative as a Google Partner has early access to new products allowing our customers who are eligible to take advantage before the rest of the market.

2. You need a properly optimised feed for Google Shopping

It is important that your Google Shopping feed is optimised to get the most out of advertising on Google Shopping. An optimised Google Shopping feed should be able to drive relevant traffic to your products and website. It should also update on a regular basis to ensure your stock levels and prices are always accurate.

Creating an optimised shopping feed can be difficult and generally requires technical knowledge. A Google Ads professional such as Dynamic Creative can help you to optimise your Google shopping feed. They will be able to ensure that your feed contains the correct Google Shopping feed attributes. They will also have the knowledge and experience to provide recommendations on how to improve these attributes for best results.

3. You could be getting more out of your Google Search Ads

There is more to Google Search Ads than creating some ads and a list of keywords to target. To get the most out of your Google Search Ads, you should be creating long tail keywords that match the way people are searching for your products.

Dynamic Creative and our unique platform allows us to create longtail search ads based on your inventory and website. This allows us to create single keyword ad groups with an ad for every product, category and variant on your website. These ads will also update automatically with pricing and availability. This structure lowers costs and helps generate more traffic and revenue. It would be impossible to do this at scale manually!

4. You need to understand Google’s advertising policies

Google’s policies for how and what can be advertised is extensive and can be complicated and confusing. Dynamic Creative, as Google Ads Professionals, understand that it can be frustrating when your ads are disapproved. However, as professionals, we also know the steps involved to resolve these and get your ads back up and running as soon as possible. We also have access to premium Google Support so we can resolve any issues as fast as possible.

5. You need to know what keywords to target

Trying to guess what keywords people might be searching for is time consuming and a good way to spend a lot of money fast! A Google Ads professional can help you to refine your targeted keywords based upon your inventory or the services that you offer. At Dynamic Creative, we are able to use our Search Term Management Tool to explore what search terms are triggering ads. This provides us with the data to know when to expand your campaigns or remove search terms that are not working from your targeting. This in-turn will make your campaigns more efficient and effective, saving you money.

6. You need to know how to grow when the time is right

Google provides you with a lot of data about your campaigns and their performance. However, this can be overwhelming and can be difficult to determine which data is crucial and which is just nice to know. Google Ads experts know how to read your results correctly and how to use this data to improve and expand your advertising efforts.

Brand recognition is important for any business but it may not be the most important thing to your business at this very moment. A Google Ads professional will be able to help you choose the right type of campaign to grow and scale your business based on your goals. Whether it be Google Search and Shopping campaigns to grow online revenue or possibly Display and YouTube to increase brand awareness. The options are endless!

7. They can properly leverage Google’s Machine Learning

Google’s Machine Learning takes into account more than 70 million signals for each individual search. Therefore, using Google’s Machine Learning is crucial to performance. If you do not have your campaigns and tracking tags set up correctly, you could be missing out of the benefit of all of this data. Dynamic Creative’s Platform has been designed to create campaigns specifically for Google’s Machine Learning so that we can take full advantage of it.

8. Access to Google Betas

Google’s Premier Partners also have access to Google’s new products before they are released to the public. This allows you (if you qualify) to get a possible leg up on the competition and be at the forefront of Google’s advances in areas like Machine Learning.

9. This is what we do

Your expertise is your business and your products at point of sale. Ours is in effective creation, optimisation and management of Google Ads. We are in Google Ads day in and day out and are trained to know how to use it to reach advertisers goals. We have been able to do it for our other customers like Bathware DirectFiji Airways and Mannys, and we can do it for you too.

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