3.9 Million Ads – Showing A Relevant Ad At The Right Time – Fiji Airways Case Study

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“We Challenged Dynamic Creative To Look For New Opportunities To Drive Revenue And Position Us Well For 2020. The Results Have Been Impressive.” – Jameel Mohammed, Marketing

The Objective

While continuing to maximise growth in the search network, Fiji Airways challenge is to stay a leader in the rapidly changing digital space and competitive environment to compete on an international scale. To tackle this challenge, Fiji Airways worked with the Dynamic Creative Team using innovative technology with the objective to drive ongoing, scalable results. The campaign objective is to increase revenue and bookings overall.

The Strategy

To achieve the objectives, we launched Single Themed Ad groups through the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform. This is known methodology, but our Ad Tech, in conjunction with Google’s Machine Learning, turbo charged the approach. Every single keyword has two corresponding ad types; the expanded text ad and Google’s new responsive search ads

The Ad Tech is able to create an ad for each keyword so that the ad and the keyword match. For example, an ad group may contain keywords such as ‘flights to fiji’, ‘cheap flights to fiji’ and so on.

Fiji Airways Case Study - Single Ad

Through Single Themed Ad Groups, we have been able to target all of those same keywords, but deliver customers different ads to match their intent. Having an ad for each keyword increases the ad relevance, lowering the cost per click thereby improving returns.

Fiji Airways Case Study - Single Keyword Ad Groups

Geographic Targeting

Flight campaigns require detailed location targeting to get the best results, the campaigns are optimally structured for this method of targeting. Part of the structural changes include multiple campaigns at every geographical level. This means, the Ad Tech is able to automatically build out point to point and destination only keyword campaigns for all countries, states, cities and airports available. This has given Fiji Airways full coverage and the best opportunity to deliver the most relevant ad to a specific user for every search. As the ads target each city, it allows Fiji Airways to show relevant pricing to the relevant customer.

Automated Bidding

The Ad Platform is engineered for Machine Learning. Alongside our highly granular campaign structures, we trust that Google’s AI, that has millions of signals, can do a better job than a single person. We use automation as part of the integral strategy to improve campaign performance and drive growth. Each time an ad is listed on Google Search, an auction determines whether it shows and its position on the page. You can win a higher position at a lower cost than the competitors with better quality ads and relevant keywords. Given the scale of the campaigns, we use a combination of AI and machine learning to set the bid and choose the most tailored ad in each Google auction. Using Google’s smart bidding helps optimise ads to achieve Fiji Airways goals for each individual user. This factors in a wide range of signals including device, location, time of day, and language. This boosts both traffic and sales. In particular, Target ROAS (return on ad spend) bids based on ROAS, to help get more conversion value at the ROAS we set.

Responsive Ads

As mentioned, every single keyword uses two ad types. The ads include live pricing that is targeted to the users nearest departure airport. This created over 3.9 million ads. Ads that continue to stay relevant to the user’s search and highlight what is unique about Fiji Airways.

Using the platform, we can make adjustments to keywords, ad copy and landing pages at scale. The process is efficient compared to what any human can do.

Fiji Airways has more than 10 headlines and descriptions, giving Google more opportunity to serve ads that closely match the potential customer’s search queries. It also allows Google to assemble the text into multiple ad combinations in a way that avoids redundancy. Furthermore, over time, Google Ads will test the most promising ad combinations and learn which combinations are the most relevant for different queries.

The benefit Fiji Airways has seen include using responsive search ads include:

  • Increasing ad relevance for the potential consumer
  • Reaching more potential customers with multiple headlines and descriptions options that give the ads the opportunity to compete in more auctions and match more search queries.
  • Increasing performance by attracting more clicks and conversions
Fiji Airways Case Study - Example Ad
Example Ad

The Results

Introducing Single Themed Ad Groups alongside automated geographic targeting, Google’s Machine Learning and multiple ad types, has proactively increased ad relevance across the entire account. The result is an ad that matches what the user searched with the most relevant landing page. Higher quality ads drive more quality traffic and results in more bookings for Fiji Airways. This means Fiji Airways can get better returns for the same advertising budget while maximising reach simultaneously.

We noticed a vast difference in our click through rates on responsive search ads

  • Compared to the expanded text ads, our click through rate on responsive ads was significantly higher
  • Fiji Airways Impressions have increased by 165%
  • The Return On Ad Spend on Responsive Search ads is achieving over initial targets

Looking at the graph below (Cost vs Impressions), with a slight increase in media cost, impressions have increased tremendously. The peak in impressions occurred in November when Fiji Airways launched responsive search ads through the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform.

Fiji Airways Case Study - Performance
  • 68% increase in qualified clicks year on year.
  • In January, we saw a 16% increase in revenue and 18% increase in bookings from search ads compared to last year.
  • Successfully achieved over the target ROAS

3.9 Million Targeted Ads for Fiji Airways,
Showing a Relevant Ad, At the Right Place and Time resulted in:
500 More Bookings and $400,000 More in Revenue

How We Applied Our Ad Tech to Fiji Airways

The Dynamic Creative Ad Tech automatically creates keywords for every flight route. Creating keywords, ad groups and ads to match every way users search. It does this by integrating the Fiji Airways website to the Ad Platform and Google Ads. Furthermore, ads include live pricing in the headlines to prequalify consumers before they click. The Fiji Airways account had over 1.3 million keywords with corresponding ads run through the Ad Tech. A number that no human being could possibly build out manually.

Although these campaigns had excelled in performance and been recognised as award-winning, it was time to take the next step to continue growth. To do this Dynamic Creative looked at ad relevance for Fiji Airways and their customers. Fiji Airways worked with Dynamic Creative to relaunch new campaigns, called Single Themed Ad Groups with multiple ad types. These included responsive search ads and expanded text ads (built through the Ad Tech). The idea was to optimise for ad relevance and landing page experience for the customer. Resulting in a reduced cost per click and, as such a better return for the budget for Fiji Airways.

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