10 Things You Need To Know To Maximise Online Growth

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Growing your business online can be a difficult and timely process particularly given current circumstances. But through effective and efficient advertising you can speed up the process and maximise your growth opportunities. Here are our top ten steps to maximising your online growth.

1. Set a goal that works for your company

The first thing you should do when focusing online advertising for online growth is to set a goal. You have to know if you want more customers, more traffic to your website, brand awareness, more sales, more sales of particular products, a high return on your ad spend or something completely different. Your ads should be optimised to that goal.

2. Follow the demand

If you are budget capped you may be missing out on increased buyers in the market. Electronics boomed at the beginning of the shut-down as people started to set up home offices. Other customers shut their physical stores and online sales became their only revenue source. It’s never been more important to pay attention to which products are selling and which advertisements are driving those sales. Don’t miss out!

3. Change strategy to meet market conditions

Given the closure of many bricks and mortar stores people have turned to online shopping.
Adapt quickly to footfall changes through optimising campaigns towards online sales. If particular campaigns aren’t driving online sales it may be worth moving your budget elsewhere. Give yourself every opportunity to reach new customers coming online and react quickly to product changes and increasing demand.

4. Check campaigns regularly – the market isn’t normal

You should be regularly checking your campaigns for opportunities to grow ad spend at the desired revenue return. It’s important to have a flexible budget so that your ads align to your changing goals. Through regular checks and changes, you can deliver online growth even at this difficult time.

5. Google Shopping – it’s about the feed

For online retailers, you need to ensure you have a fully optimised Google Shopping feed. Optimising your feed is the most tangible action you can take to improve the visibility of your Google Shopping ads. Make sure your product titles and descriptions match the way that buyers search. You also need to make sure your feeds are fetching and updating regularly (for some of our customers, feeds need to be fetched at least 3 times a day to keep on top of pricing changes and stock availability). Also, to stay on top of Merchant Centre disapprovals, make sure you regularly check your Merchant Center account dashboard. We can help you to fix merchant center disapprovals.

6. Don’t forget about Google Search – advertise all of your products

Search allows you to control your brand narrative and business proposition. Plus you can include direct site links to other pages and promotions. Search can absolutely match or improve the returns you are achieving in your Smart Shopping Campaigns but they must be set up correctly. To be able to grow through Google Search, you need to set up your campaigns in a structure that helps you take advantage of Google’s Machine Learning. You should also advertise all of your stock, through individual Search ads, so that your full inventory can be found when people are looking.

7. Own your brand

There are many reasons why advertising your brand is important. Owning your brand name, by having both brand and brand plus category Google Search campaigns, allows you to take control of what your customers see when they search for you. Own your brand by ensuring that your impression share is high. It’s also important to remember that because of your domain authority and relevance, your brand ads will cost a fraction of non branded search terms. If you want to increase traffic, sales and revenue without spending much more, you absolutely need to be advertising on your own brand.

8. Effective Ad Copy & Extensions

You should always look to highlight appropriate promotions and USPs in your ad copy. People are looking for a deal now more than ever. If you have sales on, reduced shipping, or other discounts, make sure that people searching can see them. Better promotions and stronger selling propositions encourage more clicks on your ads, meaning more traffic to your website, higher CTR% and lower advertising costs.

9. Free shipping helps online growth

While retailers may not like wearing the cost of shipping, it does help close the sale online. You can use this as a tool to increase your average order value by setting the barrier for free shipping at a higher level. Alternatively, look for express postage options when Australia Post is running slow.

10. Consider advertising pre-order products

If customers really want a product they are prepared to wait until you have it back in stock. You can set the product as available for pre-order in your feed and list the availability date if you know it. Or you can set up automatic product availability; if it’s available for pre order, Google should automatically list your product as available. This means you will be able to advertise these products through Google Shopping as well as through Google Search to sales growth online.

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